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Counter Terrorist Squad Attack Counter Terrorist Squad Attack is a new squad attack fps defense game. It is full of action, combat fps war game. Your city is defenseless by terrorists who sneaked into your city and made hustle gang chaos. You took squad challenge as a commando little striker, accepted the mission of the army squad team. Destroy all terrorist fight who have sneaked into the city. You must use your excellent fps shooting games skills and combat shooting heroes capability, survive on the battlefield and complete the fps survival games mission. One of the critical squad force shooting heros mission as you are being sent to assassin mafia rivals. The terrorists occupied the city. You have accepted the mission of the army guys warrior blood, to destroy the terrorists attack base in the cit. Kill all the gangsters & terrorist take down to restore the peace of the city. Show your superb shooting skills in fps games, complete all the attack fighting survival games missions and become a hero sniper legend quest legend heros. Enjoy this game to bring the escape revenge shooting gang killer experience so that you can ease the stress. Enter the arena and become the shooting heros in this thrilling terrorist take down combat game. Enjoy hustle gang battle in this premier escape revenge. Every mission requires a unique tactic of encounter terrorist but always has same result in Counter Terrorist Squad Attack legend quest game. .



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