Download odin flash tool – How to flash all samsung Android device

Download odin flash tool for any android device. How to Flash Firmware with Odin. Odin shared on this helps you to recover your device if you have software error, update error and dead issue.

Odin3 Latest Version –
Odin 3.13.1 –

Samsung Odin is windows based ROM Flashing tool / Rooting tool specially made for Samsung Smart Phones and tablets. You must have Samsung Odin in order to flash / Root or install customs ROMs to your Samsung android device. Odin is must have tool in order to Flash stock/Custom Firmware Flash, Flash Recovery File, Flash Kernels/Root packages (Root Samsung android device) You can find all Odin links below.

Odin3 v3.12.7 –

Odin3 v3.09 –

Odin 3.09.5 –

All Versions –

Odin Multi Downloader –


Odin tool has got a few sections all for different purposes. To know more about this, There you can see several sections with some instruction on to them. Each box has its own criteria of doing the tasks. Let’s see what these sections represent first.

1. PIT :

Re-partition is a whole separate section in which we need to add a Firmware to update the device. PIT section is not that useful as there’s no need of having .pit file in the Firmware. You better leave this option as it is!

2. Bootloader :

This section is for a new Bootloader. People are trying to use some sort of new firmware to be installed on the devices. However, there’s no use of this section as of the current time. And to install a new firmware it doesn’t make any sense here. Let’s move on to the other section.

3. PDA :

This is the most important section for upgrading your Android device through this tool. Firmware contains a main software file which is being kept by this section. This section plays a vital role in installation process of a new Firmware.

4. Phone :

Phone section is of no use. It will show you the exact modem of the device which is being performing the installation process.

5. CSC :

There are some Firmwares which contain more than one files to be installed on a particular device. CSC stands there. Consumer software customization formerly known as CSC which is responsible as an APN service of a Smartphone. However, there is no need of any change to be made to this section.

6. Start :

After making a proper selection of a Firmware to be installed on an Android device, to start the installation process, user needs to click on to this Start button. After clicking on to this Start button, the installation process will start itself in a few seconds.

7. Reset :

Reset option helps you to make no changes to the phone. If you have selected a wrong firmware file to be installed on a connected Smartphone, you can click on to this Reset button. It will reset everything and get you a fresh option list like as before.

8. Exit :

Exit option allows quitting the tool. After having a Pass message of the installation process, click on to Exit button.


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