How to Record your Android Screen with PC using Android SDK Tools [No ROOT required!]

How to Record your Android Screen with PC using Android SDK Tools [No ROOT required!]


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Here’s the site from where u can download the SDK Tools:

Here is the download link of the SDK Tools:
Mac OS X:

1. Download the SDK Tools
2. Extract the downloaded file
3. Into the Extracted folder, find the folder named “tools” and open the “android” (.bat) file (make sure to run it as an administrator)
4. Tick and install the files ticked/checked in this video
5. After the installation of the files is done, go Back and open the “platform-tools” folder…From there, Hold “Shift” on your keyboard and at the same time right click on your mouse…Choose the “Open command window here” option…Cmd (command prompt) will instantly open
6. Connect your Android device to your PC…Go to your Android’s settings, and Enable “USB debugging” option from the “Developer options”…If “Developer options” doesn’t appear in your “Settings”, go in “About phone” and tap 5-6 times on “Build number”…You will instantly become a Developer…(Make sure NOT to Turn On USB Storage when Enabling USB debugging)
7. After enabling the USB debugging, in the cmd on your PC write this:

adb devices

If this was successful, go ahead to the next command…Write this:

adb shell screenrecord /sdcard/example.mp4

(example.mp4 is the name of the recording…In this video my command was like this:
adb shell screenrecord /sdcard/movie.mp4
So the video i record on my Android is called “movie”…Just make sure to have .mp4 extension at the end…Other extensions might not work)
8. After typing the command, the record will instantly start on your Android device…Your Android screen is now being recorded…(the default duration of a recording is 3 min.)
9. When you’re finished recording and you want to stop, just press Ctrl+C in the cmd and the recording will STOP…
10. The video is automatically saved in your Android’s sdcard…To see the movie/the recording, you can either see it directly from your Android, or connect your Android with your PC by Turning ON the USB Storage…

And that’s basically it!

NOTE: You’ve gotta have Java JDK installed on your PC in order for this to work! You can download Java JDK from here:

If you have any kind of questions or problems with this kinda thing, let me know…

Thanks so much for watching! .



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