How To Use Research or Upgrade Download Tool

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In this Video, Team Hovatek explains how to use Research Download Tool and Upgrade Download Tool.

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What you just need to do is click Next. I’ll be installing both drivers using this same approach

My drivers were successfully installed so I just click on Finish. Next up is to install the other drivers

SciU2S 64 bit (based on my PC). Just run this, click Yes to confirm and just proceed. That’s all

If you encounter any error at this point, what you just have to do is manually install the drivers

you can check our website for how to manually install Spreadtrum drivers, you can also see the video

Drivers installed. Next is to launch Research Download tool. I run as Admin just to avoid permission issues

Click Yes to confirm. OK, we are open here. At this point, you’ll want to disconnect your Spreadtrum phone

If the battery is removable, remove the battery and slot it back in just to make sure that the phone is switched off

At this point, my Resarch Download tool is up, you’ll want to load the packet (file). Click on Load Packet

In the Window that pops up, select the pac file. Its very important you do not flash the pac file meant for

a different model to your phone if not you’re going to have serious issues. Flash the pac file for your model

so I’ll load this pac file. Its quite important you’re patient with this because (I have not responding)

It could be quite slow depending on your PC type. Now, this is loaded. I’m ready to go ahead with flashing

all I have to do is just click this Start Downloading button but sometimes, you might encounter

a couple of errors so I’ll just take you briefly through some things you can do to avoid some errors

You could get the NVdata failed error. If you ever come across that, all you need to do is just

come to your Settings – Backup. If you’re having the NVdata or some kind of NV error, untick all these items

then click on OK. When next you flash, you’ll not be having NV errors. You can also select which items you

wish to flash In this case, the FDL 1&2 are compulsory for you to flash. You might selectively flash some items

In this guide I’ll not be flashing all items. I’ll be flashing just cache to avoid any problems although the pac file

is meant for my phone, I just want to make this flashing a lot faster by disabling all other items except cache

so I have a fast flash. If you intend to flash all the files, you don’t need to some here, just go

straight to Start Downloading but in my case, I want to selectively flash. In a case where you have pattern lock

maybe the owner forgot his pattern or something. What you’ll want to do in that case is just flash userdata

In that case, you would have your fdl files ticked and userdata (then maybe cache) ticked.

Those 4 files. So you just go ahead with flashing. Basically, you can flash only what you want like recovery

system.. tick whatever you want to flash. I have my 2 fdl files and cache ticked so I click OK.

Remember this part is optional so you don’t have to go through all that setting. I have everything set up, I’m

ready to flash. Everything is good to go. Next, click Start Download and you’ll have progress bar saying waiting

At this point, remove your battery and slot it back in (if removable). Make sure the phone is switched off

then connect the phone to the PC while its switched off (battery inside). Ensure the battery is well charged

If after connecting to PC, all you still see is waiting (i.e nothing is happening). It likely you didn’t install

the drivers correctly so you might want to go back to that step or your port is faulty, might want to change

your port or in some cases, you might need to hold down the Volume down button while connecting to the PC

but for some phones, once you just connect directly, it starts flashing. For phones like this one I’m holding

you need to hold the volume down / decrease button while connecting to the PC for flashing. [connecting]

My flashing has begun. Alright! My flashing was successful, my phone is going to reboot.

So basically, that’s how to use Research Download tool. You could decide to flash all the files

and come straight to Start Downloading (I can click Stop now) or selecting which files you’ll flash

by going to Settings then unticking any unneeded item. That’s how to use Research Download tool


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Help!! i already Installed the drivers, Ran 3 Different Types of that Software (Factory, Research, Upgrader), Pressed Every Button on my Phone. Nothing Works. The Waiting Screen Doesnt appear. the phone that i have is MyPhone My81 DTV (Yup. it comes with a Built in DTV)

Edit: Literally i've been waiting for almost 4 Hours now. still no Waiting Bar on Screen


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