MovieStarPlanet hack – How to Hack MSP to generate Diamonds, StarCoins, VIP for Android and iOS


Hey Guys! Today I will show you Step by Step to Hack MovieStarPlanet in 2 minutes with Republic Lab’s MovieStarPlanet (MSP) hack Tool for Android and iOS.

Republic Lab’s MovieStarPlanet hacktool can generate unlimited Diamonds and Starcoins in minutes, Just follow the steps shown in the video and enjoy the unlimited Diamonds and Starcoins –

➤ Go to the website
➤ Search for “MSP hack”
➤ Click on “Generate now!” button
➤ Pick the amount of resources you want i.e. – Diamonds, StarCoins and VIP.
➤ Enter your username and select your device.
➤ Click on Connect.
➤ Done!

How to Use MovieStarPlanet (MSP) hack?
Moviestarplanet (MSP) hack is one of the most searched cheat game on the Internet. It is one of the fun and most addictive game online. It can better be called an RPG game where the players have the opportunity to become a popular celebrity or actress in general.

Features of MSP Hack –
1) Easy and fast
2) Works on every device
3) No Detected
4) Chat space
5) Account Hack

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16 comments on “MovieStarPlanet hack – How to Hack MSP to generate Diamonds, StarCoins, VIP for Android and iOS

IMPORTANT – If you guys have any difficulty while hacking MovieStarPlanet and want me to manually add the resources to your account, comment below following details.

#msphack ( Hashtag helps to highlight your comment )
✔ Your Username
✔ The Amount of Resources you want.
✔ Subscribe and like the video. ( NOTE : Subscribers will get hack first )
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This Hack will work for all devices, but if it didn't than there must be lot of load on server, At such Moment Try Again after some time.


50000 stamina #wweimmortalshack
Username you'REbad also try youREbad please try bothplease please please help me it would mean the world to me I am a subscribe r and I share all of your videos please reply when done


Can you use that glitch on the dutch version of msp?


Do it for me please. My username is ( i z z y ) and I would like the biggest amounts there are


Do it for me please. Username is ( i z z y )


Username: > > T O X I C < <
Starcoins: 999,999
Diamonds: 999,999
VIP: 3 months


#msphack my username is ItsYaBoiJustin123 and I won't the highest amount

I'm on my sis yt Btw


Hello Guys! Sorry but there is a bad news, We got 300+ Manual Hack requests, So the Manual Hack waiting time is 1 week, we are working hard to help every one.
Note: Subscriber and Sharer will get the Manual Hack first, So subscribe | share | like the video to get priority in Manual Hack.
Contact Us here to know the Manual Hack status or for any other queries –


What's your server !?


Hi, are you on the (UK) ??


Hwo CAN you do it for me ??? My username is fatine12321 pleaseeeee do me a answer 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


Iam following you daily in website and app also please give me my mail id is dr.a.sarathkumar18@gmail.


Waiting for your give away sir


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