NFC Tools for iOS : How to write an URL on your NFC chip with an iPhone.


This video explain how to write an URL on your NFC chip with your iPhone and NFC Tools for iOS.

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6 comments on “NFC Tools for iOS : How to write an URL on your NFC chip with an iPhone.

please for exact instructions on writing credit card on the ring.


What if i want to write files but it says where’s the file ? I dont know how to write /storage/.


Looks awesome, Just diving into NFC now with my iPhone 11 pro max. What NFC chips/stickers have you find work best?


What a fantastic App for IOS Apple Devices
I just gave the app a 5* review on the App Store. Its a lot better than any other NFC App around, i'm looking forward to hearing about more features when they become available.
Thank You WakDev


Very useful app. I use to set the WiFi access at my home. So my guests only need to tap the phone on the NFC sticker, he's connected to my home wifi. An other use case is to connect the phone to the bluetooth in the car for the music play. There are plenty of use cases to simply our daily life. Bravo! NFC Tools


Super design, en espérant que ton appli rencontre autant de succès que sur Android 🙂


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