Pigment How To: Using The Blender Tool (iOS)


In this digital painting process video, Britton will teach you how to use the new Blender Brush to smoothly transition colors in your Pigment coloring page.

Android user or non-subscriber? Britton also teaches how to create a similar effect using the Pencil tool in this tutorial. Just start here: https://youtu.be/lsfxBRB8rkg?t=89

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8 comments on “Pigment How To: Using The Blender Tool (iOS)

This would be very helpful if I could use literally any of the good brushes


I heard that even if you don’t sign up it still makes you pay. Is that true?


I can’t seem to find the blender brush


I’m desperate to,learn how to match backgrounds to my work. I’m at a total loss, perhaps because I’m new to this and have no artistic background or skills. Pls pls pls


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