Teradek Serv Pro – Full HD Streaming & Pro Monitoring Tools to iOS devices | Full Overview


The Teradek Serv Pro is a powerful and compact streaming device that allows full HD 1080p streaming from your camera or video source to up to 10 iOS devices over WiFi.

On iPhone or an iPad you simply download the free VUER application from the AppStore and you get a whole host of professional monitoring tools at your fingertips – such as LUTs, False Colour, Peaking, Waveforms, Scopes etc. One of the highlights of this app is that you can view up to 4 different live streams on the device, so it’s ideal for multi-camera set ups.

It’s straightforward and quick to set up, and can even operate with just a 2 frame delay at up to 300ft.

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6 comments on “Teradek Serv Pro – Full HD Streaming & Pro Monitoring Tools to iOS devices | Full Overview

Can you upload a modified LUTS that was created in Photoshop into the ServPro? I know it can be done with the bolts through Teradek Bolt Manager.


Can you run a 4K video source in, and have it output at 1080p?


can i connect it windows PC and streaming to cisco webmeeting?


4 frame delay, not 2.


Nice video! Very informative.


I personally wanted to like this – it could have been done a lot better, (Host was great btw) But-

@ 15Mbit wired and 10mbit Wi-fi I doubt anyone will Actually buy this considering that 1080P with good quality is at lest 50Mbit/s

Even my Sony 220 is 28Mbit.


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