Unity FPS Course – How to Design a FPS Gun in Unity

Unity FPS Course  -  How to Design a FPS Gun in Unity


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Have you ever wanted to create your own version of Doom, Call of Duty or Half-Life?

Join us in this new course and have lots of fun building a first-person shooter game with Unity!

This course is project-based and covers all the main elements of games of this genre. After completing this course, you will have all the tools needed to program amazing games. These are some of the important skills you’ll be acquiring:

Implement and customize a production-ready First Person player controller.
FPS game mechanics: shooting, killing enemies, collision detection.
Save memory and CPU by implementing a reusable pool of objects.
Survive by finding health kits and ammo for you gun.
Enemy path finding AI using Nav Mesh.
Integrate external models and audio files.
Game workflow: Main menu, resetting game, game over and victory screens.

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2 comments on “Unity FPS Course – How to Design a FPS Gun in Unity

At least add the part where you shoot, Leave all the other features out.


Great way to teach. Congratulations!


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